What steps do I take to get an Alabama Salesperson license?

1. Check the eligibility requirements at the Alabama Real Estate Commission website. Click <HERE> 
to go to the website. If you are eligible, continue with Step 2 below.

2. Complete an Alabama Salesperson Prelicense Course.

Register to take the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson License exam.

4. Pass the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson License exam.

5. Apply for your Temporary Salesperson license.

  • If you requested that your license be issued active, it will be sent to the broker you selected and provided on the application
  • If you requested that your license be issued inactive, your license will be issued and held by the Alabama Real Estate Commission

Now that I have my license, what do I do next?

  • If your license is active:
    • Complete a Post License Course within six months after your license was issued and your license will remain active; otherwise, the status of your license will automatically change to inactive.
    • After you complete the Post License Course, apply for your permanent license.
  • If your license is inactive:
    • Complete a Post License Course within twelve months after your license was issued; otherwise, your license will expire.
    • After you complete the Post License Course, apply for your permanent salesperson license

Am I required to take any more courses after I complete the Post License Course and get my permanent license?

  • Yes, you will need to take 15 hours of continuing education every renewal period (which is currently a 2-year renewal period)

What kind of money can I make in the real estate business?

The amount of money you can make in the real estate business depends largely on you, especially how hard and how smart you work. Some of the most successful real estate agents make millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of the least successful agents don't make enough to renew their license and memberships for the next year.

  • Commission Split: The commission split (i.e., the part of the commission for a sale that you receive) varies from company to company. Shop around for the best commission split for you.  
  • Commission Per Sale: The commission you make per sale is mostly impacted by your commission split in your agreement; however, transaction fees (and possibly other fees) are often deducted from your commission check.
  • Residuals: Some companies pay a residual income on commissions generated by agents you bring into the company. If you bring a lot of people into the company, and they produce a lot of commissions, you could potentially have a good extra income. 

What kind of expenses can I expect in the real estate business?

DISCLAIMER: The estimates of expenses provided below are based largely on the fees experienced by the website developer and broker who was a member of the Huntsville Area Association of Realtors (HAAR) for several years. Therefore, the estimates provided should only be used as ball park estimates that could vary significantly as fees change and from area to area and year to year within Alabama.  


  • Education:
    • Prelicense Course: Estimated Cost = $250 - $350 
    • Post License Course: Estimated Cost = $175 - $225 
    • Continuing Education: Estimated Cost (every two years) = $75 - $150 
    • Conferences, Seminars, Board Meetings, etc.: This amount is voluntary, and is therefore up to you. 
  • Local and National Dues, Fees, etc.:
    • First Year (includes initiation fees, MLS, etc.): Can be as much as $1000-$1500 or more depending on the month you join (some fees are prorated).
    • Subsequent Years: Varies by local Board of Realtors 
    • Call your local board of realtors and request all their fees/charges for membership, MLS, lockboxes, lockbox keys, etc.   
  • E&O Insurance: Varies by real estate agency, but usually around $100 - $200 per year 
  • Office Dues: Annual dues that go to the corporate franchise (e.g., RE/MAX, Exit, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, etc.). Check with each company you are considering to see what their annual dues (if any are) are.
  • Office Space: Some companies charge for office space. Check this out with each company you consider.
  • Transaction Fees: In addition to taking their share of the commission (i.e., their commission split), many companies deduct a transaction fee from each commission check. This is another thing to check out. 
  • Lockboxes: When you list properties in MLS, you put a lockbox on them to facilitate entry and showings by other agents. 
  • Lockbox Keys: You need a lockbox key to enter houses listed by other agents and you.  
  • Signs: Generally, the office where you work provides generic "FOR SALE" and "OPEN HOUSE" signs. However, if you want your signs personalized with your name or something else, you will have pay for this.  
  • Advertising: Again, the amount spent is up to you. The cost can vary from zero to hundreds or thousands of dollars per month to pay for websites, newspaper ads, home magazine ads, etc. 
  • Vehicle & Mileage: The cost of using a vehicle is dependent on how aggressive you are in building your business, and how many customers/clients you are helping and driving around in your car. 



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