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 Continuing Education (CE) Courses:

All Alabama real estate licensees (salespersons and brokers) must complete15 hours of CE courses during every 2-year renewal cycle. 
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Alabama Salesperson Prelicense Course:

When this course is completed, the student is eligible to schedule and take the Alabama Real Estate License exam. In addition to completing the Salesperson Prelicense Course and passing the Alabama Salesperson test, there are certain requirements that must be met before a Salesperson license will be issued. See the requirements for a real estate salesperson on the Alabama Real Estate Commission's website. 
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Alabama Salesperson Post License Course:

When an Alabama real estate license is initially issued, it is called a Temporary Salesperson license. When the licensee completes the Post License Course, his/her permanent license is issued. If the Post License Course is not completed within six months of issuance, and if the licensee's license is active, his/her license status will be changed from active to inactive. It the course is not completed within twelve months after issuance, the licensee's license expires.
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Alabama Reciprocal Sales Prelicense Course (FOR SALESPERSON ONLY)

A real estate salesperson who has a real estate license in a state other than Alabama, may obtain the corresponding Alabama license by (1) completing this Salesperson Reciprocal Course (i.e., Alabama License Law) and (2)passing the state part of the Alabama real estate license exam.
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National Real Estate Exam Prep: The Smart Guide to Passing

Prepare for the state licensing exam with the only mastery and fluency based exam prep system in the market. It is designed to help you maximize your study time and retain the most important information for exam day. This exam prep includes 6 mastery and fluency based testing lessons and 6 exams both covering hundreds of questions on national and state level content. The program is professionally designed to give you an interactive learning experience that will help prepare you to pass the state licensing exam!
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Your key to acing the math portion of the real estate exam. Conquer that fear you have always had of real estate math. Math Master offers real estate math problems often found on your exam and provides you with clear and concise explanations. These math tips will also be helpful in your career in real estate. Master real estate mathematics with ease!
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